Report of C3AFA Singapore 2019

Lumica Corporation exhibited at the J-pop culture event “C3AFA Singapore 2019” held in Singapore from Nov 29th (Fri) to 1st (SUN). Thank you everyone for coming to have fun with us!

【Wotagei Radio Exercise】

The warming-up dance “Wotagei Radio Exercise” is our regular workshop! Either first-timers or veteran players have fun in this workshop!

【Wotagei/Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】

The pioneer of Cyalume Dance, Gear (@gear_stephenie)  from GinyuforcE gave dance lesson to the local Cyalume dancers. Every player fellow and practiced seriously!!!

The Cyalume players in Singapore are getting more and more skillful!!

【Anisong Dance Showcase】

This is the first time for new member of REAL AKIBA BOYS “Nes” (@RAB_nesu45) to appear on Lumica stage!

【Anisong DJ Showcase

We are glad to have local DJs to join our DJ showcase!


「Yukina Rin」さん(@Yukira)


Definitely famous DJs and big guests from Japan also appeared on stage!

The legendary pioneer of Anisong DJ, “DJ Caesar” (@DJ_caesar_AKIBA)

DJ HOSAKA☆(@hosaka_nico)

New member of REAL AKIRA BOYZ,”Nes”(@RAB_nesu45) appeared on stage as DJ!

The famous voice actress, ARISA KOMIYA, played on the Omotenashi Beat Stage!

Thank you for your amazing performance!! We had a blast!

【AKIBA STAGE supported by LUMICA

There were many exciting performances on Akiba stage as well!

“ANIME SONG DJ & DANCE” by DJ Keitan (@rabkeitan) and Nes (@RAB_nesu45) from REAL AKIRA BOYZ.

ANISONG DJ STAGE by DJ Caesar (@DJ_caesar_AKIBA)

CYALUME DANCE STAGE by Gear (@gear_stephenie)  from GinyuforcE



The Wotagei/cyalume dance pioneer, GinyuforcE and LUMICA CORPORATION join hands to host “CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE”  tournament all over the world. 

There are altogether 40 candidates, everyone showed us their obvious improvement!!

The winner ’s haruka!! You were so amazing! haruka received 300pcs of Lumica light sticks and also a free ticket to Tokyo for the CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE. We’ll see you soon in Tokyo!!

Please check our Facebook for more details! We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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