Report of Cosplay Mania 2019 in the Philippines, Mania (Sep 28(SAT)-29(SUN))

Lumica Corporation participated in “Cosplay Mania 2019” held in in the Philippines, Mania from September 28th (SAT) to 29th (SUN). Thank you everyone for coming to our booth! Hope you have enjoyed our dance workshops and performances!


 This year, we have performances on 2 stages. (EX. stage and Lumica stage) There are performances twice on the EX. stage. Our staff also appeared on the stage, introducing the appeals of Lumica to the local attendees by her fluent English!

The powerful dance of Cyalume dance group, GinyuforcE have amazed the local fans! The stages were filled up with good vibes!!GinforcE’s Tigerpe (@tigerpe1208) leaded the crowd to experience a new dancing style “Namasutene-ku”.

Wotagei Radio Exercise】   

GinforcE’s member introduced “wotagei radio exercise” on EX.stage. Thank you everyone for dancing with us! Wotogei radio excise dance is a warming-up dance that is fun and good for your health!


On the other hand, Anisong DJ Showcase on Lumica stage was at a high pitch of excitement!! Local DJ played popular remixed tracks! Everyone opened the umbrella when DJ played theme song of movie “Weathering with you”. Although we have played this song in different countries, we only see this response in Mania!!!

Wotagei / Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】   

The pioneer of Cyalume Dance, Gear (@gear_stephenie)  from GinyuforcE and Tigerpe (@tigerpe1208) from GinyuforcE gave dance lesson to the US Cyalume dancers. This is such a rare and precious opportunity that either first-timers or veteran players listened carefully and practiced seriously!!!


The Wotagei/cyalume dance pioneer, GinyuforcE and LUMICA CORPORATION join hands to host Cyalume dance battle tournament all over the world. This is the second time to hold “CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE” preliminary round in Mania!!

We can see obvious improvement of every candidates!
Comparing with battle of last year, they become more skillful!

The winner of Manila preliminary was Protektor! He won this battle last year as well.
We’ll see you again in Tokyo!!!

Thank you all the participants who joined the Cyalume Dance World Battle today❗️It was so fierce !!! We took a group photo with all participants. Everyone is so energetic!!
Please check our Facebook for more details! We look forward to seeing you all at Cosplay Mania 2020!

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