Report of Nippon Haku Bangkok 2019/Japan Expo Thailand

Lumica Corporation participated in Nippon Haku Bangkok 2019/Japan Expo Thailand, held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 30th (FRI) to September 1st (SUN). Thank you everyone for coming to our booth! Hope you have enjoyed our dance workshops and performances!

This time we brought the Daisenko glow sticks and various venue limited Lumica goods to Nippon Haku Boangkok. We are glad to hear many good reviews from local users! 

Wotagei / Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】   

The mini stage is right in front of Lumica ’s booth. Wotagei/ Cyalume Dance Special Lesson was held on the mini stage. Shun(@shun0124flyn) and Tigerepe(@tigerpe1208) from GinyuforcE gave dance lesson to the local Cyalume dance players. Every participants listened with full attention and practiced so seriously!

ANISONG DJ  & Cyalume Party】 

Dj remixed and played popular idol songs and anisongs. Audiences held the daisenko glow stick up and waved! The DJ party was a blast!!!

DJ “HOSAKA☆” from Japan (@hosaka_nico)

Group picture with all the energetic fans! You all look so happy in the picture! We look forward to seeing you all at Nippon Haku Bangkok 2020/Japan Expo Thailand!

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