Report of SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2019

Lumica Corporation exhibited for the first time at the anime convention “SMASH! Sydney” held in Sydney, Australia from July 13th (SAT) to 14th (SUN). Thank you everyone for coming to have fun with us! 

Anisong DJ Showcase】 

The first event was Anisong DJ Showcase!! Popular DJ for Japan, DJ HOSAKA☆ has played at many events world-wide. He brought the Australian attendees a lot of popular Anisongs. Although the DJ showcase was in the morning, everyone was so excited and energetic! We had a blast!!

Wotagei / Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】  

Famous wotagei performers from Japan, GinyuforcE Gear (@gear_stephenie) and AXIS Rate (@14ttE) shared their dancing skills.

The local Cyalume dancers were so intensely playing in the lesson!! 

Moreover, we invited the local wotagei performers to Lumica Stage. Everyone danced energetically that we couldn’t take our eyes off the stage!!!

By exhibiting at “SMASH Sydney“, we hope that the wotagei culture can be introduced to more people in Australia! Let’s meet again soon in the next event!

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