Report of I ♡ anisong matsuri Malaysia 2019

Lumica Corporation participated in the “I ♡ anisong matsuri Malaysia” held in Malaysia from June 8th to 9th. Thank you for coming to our booth! We are so happy to see you all!

Wotagei Radio Exercise】 

This is the first time to introduce the “wotagei radio exercise” on Malaysia’s stage. Many visitors stopped by and danced along with us! Wotogei radio excise dance is a warming-up dance that is fun and good for your health!

Wotagei/Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】 

To spread the wotagei dance culture in Malaysia, we prepared the Wotagei/Cyalume Dance Special Lesson”. GEAR (GinyuforcE)ギア」(@gear_stephenie)、Torape(JKz)「とらぺ」(@tigerpe1208)gave lesson to the beginners.

We are happy to meet many skillful players in Malaysia!

The participants are so passionate that they kept practicing even after the lesson!

【Wotagei/Cyalume Dance Party】

Everyone sang and dance along during the ”Wotagei/CyalumeDance Party” stage time. Both professional wotagei dancers and beginners have had a good time! Wotagei/CyalumeDance Partycreated an valuable experience for the overseas fans of anisong!


Anisong DJ Showcase】 

We are pleased to have Anisong DJs coming from Japan and Indonesia!  DJs came onto the stage playing popular remixed tracks! The crowd was at a high pitch of excitement.

DJ HOSAKA☆ from Japan (@hosaka_nico)

DJ SOBA from Indonesia (@Abilien)


The Wotagei/cyalume dance pioneer, GinyuforcE and LUMICA CORPORATION join hands to host Cyalume dance battle tournament all over the world. This is our first time to hold 「CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE」preliminary round in Kuala Lumpur!!

This time, we hired the main stage of the exhibition hall for the battle!

Candidates performed confidently in front of audiences. We couldn’t take our eyes off the stage for a moment!!!

Many challengers showed the “torch” skills, the dance moves by using wrist.

Besides the local candidates, many Otagei dance challengers came all the way from Singapore and Indonesia!

The Winner of Cyalume Dance World Battle in Kuala Lumpur was Kizu!!

Kizu got 300pcs of Lumica light sticks and also a free ticket to Tokyo for the CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE. We’ll see you in Tokyo!!

Please check our Facebook for more details!

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