Report of Kawaii Kon, Hawaii’s Largest Anime Convention (April 4/5-4/7)

Lumica has participated in 『Kawaii Kon』,hold in Honolulu, Hawaii from April.5-7. Thank you all for stopping by!

See the beautiful blue sky! Luckily, we are blessed with great weather during the exhibition!

【Wotagei/Cyalume Dance Special Lesson】

GEAR (GinyuforcE)ギア」(@gear_stephenie)、Torape(JKz)「とらぺ」(@tigerpe1208

shared the dancing skills to the particiants.

Cyalume Dance is a new culture in Hawaii. All visitors are excited about the new experience!

Maybe he is the youngest wotagei player even?!

【Anisong DJ Showcase

We are glad to have numbers of great artists coming all the way from Japan and USA to live up on Lumica ‘s stage!

Shonenjump offical DJ CAESAR 週刊少年ジャンプ公式DJ「シーザー」(@DJ_caesar_AKIBA)

DJ Hosaka 「保坂☆」さん(@hosaka_nico)

DJ「DEKIMASEN」(@Tsuimonster) from New York


CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE」preliminary round in Honolulu!!

Visitors crowded around our booth to wait for the Cyalume Dance Battle.

Although the Cyalume Dance is not widely known in Hawaii yet, candidates performed dancing in their own style which surprised us!

It seems like a totally different martial art battle!!!

This candiate performed Thomas Flare with Lumica light sticks in his month!

Everyone who participated were so fantastic and it’s hard to decide the winner…

Congratulations on winning the Cyalume Dance World Battle, Kaytee! We’ll see you in Tokyo❗️

Kaytee got 300pcs of Lumica light sticks and also a free ticket to Tokyo for the CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE.

Please check our Facebookfor more details!

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