Report of Cyalume Dance World Battle Final

Cyalume Dance World Battle – Final was held on January 19th at Kanda Myojin. Thanks everyone for coming to the event!

By combining the Cyalume and dexterous Wotagei skill, the new fusion of Art x Dance is created. While popular Japanese actor, Issei Takahashi performs Cyalume dance in the commercial for Kirin alcoholic beverages and Japanese TV shows introduce Cyalume dance, it is now attracting more and more attention in Japan and overseas.

Last year, in 2018, the Wotagei/cyalume dance pioneer, GinyuforcE and LUMICA CORPORATION join hands to hold Cyalume dance battles at 8 different cites, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore.

On the 19th January, 2019, winners of each cities competed over their Wotagei skills in the “CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE FINAL“, in Tokyo Kandamyonjin Hall.

Popular performers are invited to be judges.

Special Judge:Sasuga Minami (Choreographer), Dancer:DRAGON(RAB(リアルアキバボーイズ))
Voice actor:Marika Kouno (EARPHONES)
Voice actor:Yuki Nagaku (EARPHONES)
Cyalume Dancer:Gear(GinyuforcE)
Cyalume Dancer:Back Horn(ex GinyuforcE)
Cyalume Dancer:Sanpacya(ex GinyuforcE)

Besides the dance battle, special guests (Yoshida Brothers, Maneki-Kecak, DJ Caesar) had amazing performances. We had such a blast!

9 winners expressed their passion for Wotagei on stage.
The winner of Cyalume Dance World Battle Final was 水矩(Mikane)!! Mikane won 100,000JPY prize and our 1-year sponsor for Lumica products! Congratulations on your win! We deeply thank you all for your participation and cooperation.

At the battle, we announced that we’ll hold the 2nd battle for this year too! We’ll see you all again then!

We also announced the next theme song of Cyalume Dance World Battle, “雷-IKAZUCHI” by “吉田兄弟xTomH@ck“!!

Please check our Facebook for more details!


Cyalume-dance battle official site:

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